Local Stores with our Products

Polka Dots


Located on Wilmington Island, Georgia

Paris Market


Located on Broughton Street in Historic Savannah, Georgia

Four Arches Farm


Located in Pembroke Georgia

Down below are our 2 most popular items found in local stores.

Savannah Pirate Planks

"Take Home A Slice of History"

Savannah Pirate Planks are made in Savannah, GA by a Pirate wannabe, Steve Cook. Steve a builder and wood-artist has found a way to use wood he has salvaged from renovating some of Savannah's finest houses so anyone can have a piece of Historic Savannah in their home.

These lovely planks may contain Heart Pine flooring, a piece of siding from a building on Habersham Street, or maybe an actual plank from one of the many pirate ships that called Savannah a port of call.

Please use your plank very often to release the good feelings and memories you have of the largest national historic district in the country.

To keep your plank looking good don't soak it in water or put it in the dish washer, hand wash with mils soap and water and periodically wipe it with Mineral Oil.


Savannah Roux Spoon

What is a Roux?

Each handcrafted Savannah Roux Spoon is unique, hand turned by Steve Cook, a Savannah wood artist.

So, what is a Roux?

A roux is equal portions of flour and fat (butter, oil, turkey drippings, etc.) that are heated up in a pan to give a certain color, aroma,thickening and mouth feel to a finished dish.

Patience, attention, and a great Roux Spoon are the key to making a good roux.

The Roux Spoon is a wooden spatula ideally suited for any long cooking dish that requires frequent stirring. Dishes like grits, gumbo, gravy, and risotto. This design dates back to Roman Times, the root of our word for spoon and spatula originate from the tool called a spade.

We might remember it as a weird spoon grandma used to make her chicken and dumplings that she simply called her "Stirrin' Stick."