Oh The Places You'll Go


From small counter tops to large custom installs you can find our work all over the city of Savannah


You can find some of our smaller products up north and some installs in peoples homes

Everywhere in Between

Our Installs


The bed frame is made out of Eastern Red Cedar, found in a home in Pooler, Georgia.


The table top is a recycled bowling alley that has been sanded, cleaned, and refinished with a brass trim on the edges. The bases are two turned Poplar pieces that were then painted.


The base is made out of White Oak and can be found in Bell Barber Shop in Savannah Georgia.


The base is made from Reclaimed Heart Pine. The top is made from Zinc that has been made in collaboration with Forsyth Metal Works.


Solid Sepele turned columns for an old historic jail in St. Augustine, Florida. They stand 11 feet tall.


A display case at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, in Pooler, Georgia. The display case is made out of Maple wood that is painted.


A solid Maple table that has been painted and can be found in a home on Skidaway Island, Georgia.


These shutters can be found on a home on Chippewa Square in Historic Savannah, Georgia. They are made out of Red Grandis which have been painted to match our Historic City.


This counter top can be found at Back in the Day Bakery, in Savannah, Georgia. It is made of Pine Wood and has been stained before install.


This is a table top made just like our Savannah Pirate Planks. It is in a home on Wilmington Island, Georgia.


This is another upcycled Bowling Alley table. It has been sanded and refinished that is sitting on top of reclaimed wood for a column base.


This is the Adoration Chapel at Blessed Sacrament in Savannah, Georgia. All of our installs are made out of Cherry Wood.


This is a install in an Architects office in Savannah Georgia. This is a screen type wall in the entrance area, it is made from Vertical Pine and reclaimed Lathe Strips.


This is a Sepele window that has been painted to match the exterior of the house. It can be found on someones home on Victory Drive in Savannah, Georgia.


This front desk is in the Cotton Sail Hotel in Downtown Savannah, Georgia. It is made out of Reclaimed Heart Pine.


This island counter top in this kitchen is made out of Sepele. It is in a home on Wilmington Island, Georgia.


This wine rack is a custom install in someones home kitchen in Savannah, Georgia. It is made out of Sepele


This is in the same house as the wine rack. This island kitchen counter top in also made out of Sepele.